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Vehicle registration

BAS Vans has RDW (Dutch vehicle licensing agency)  approval an dis entitled to register vehicle is on behalf of its clients..

Do you have RDW approval for doing this?

Yes. BAS Vans will sen you a temporrary document number. This document number will allow you to add the vehilce to your fleet.

Are you a business buying a vehicle?

To register a vehilce in your name we'll need the following documents:

*If the business is (part of) a holding company and the company director does not appear on chamber of commerce documentation? Tha means we need compnay documentation forthe holding as well.

  • Chamber of Ccommerce extract (max. 1 year old)
  • Copy driving license /ID/Passport of the authorised representative of the person that appears on the chamber of commerce extract.

Are you a private buyer?

BAS Vans needs the following documentation to register a vehicle in your name:

*Sole traders can only register the vehicle in their (personal) name, Please contact the tax authorities to discuss business us of the vehicle.

  • Copy driving license /ID/Passport of the buyer

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