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Servicing packages

"Driving away your new van the same day? No problem!"

When choosing to buy your new van / light commercial vehicle, we'll strongly recommend you to opt for one of our servicing packages to make sure you vehicle of choice is ready for months of intensive use.. From only €100 we'll arrange the registration of the vehicle in your name and carry out a thorough check on the vehicle. These services can often be carried out the very same day that you buy your vehicle to make sure you can drive away in your newly purchased vehicle the very same day!

For an extra €145 we'll carry out an 'oil service', where we change the oils and oil filters in your vehicle.

Do you want to make sure your vehicle has been subject to a full and comprehensive check before you use it on the road? Please pot for the "Full Service", where we also change and top-up and other fluids and associated filters in your vehicle; we carry out this comprehensive service for just 395 €.


If you choose to carry out a "Full Service" on your vehicle, you'll have the option to include a warranty package. Our sales staff will be able to tell you the exact details of the warranty packages we can offer:

  • Full Service + 1 month warranty: €615,-
  • Full Service + 3 months warranty: €815,-
  • Full Service + 6 months warranty: €1.315,-

Delivery Service

Oil Service

Full Service

Check vehicle fluids
Vehicle registration (only in the Netherlands)
Check windscreen wipers / nozzles
Check lights and reflectors
Check and charging of batteries
Check tire pressure
Check airconditioning
Check wear on brake pads
Check error codes
Check clutch fluid (and top-up if needed)
Check & lubricate locks
Check transmission oil level
Check steering axle joints
Check engine leaks
Check cooling system
Check engine oil
Replace oil filter
Top-up windscreen washer fluid
Document all work carried out
Replace fuel filters
Replace air filters
Replace diesel filters
Replace interior filter
Check differential oil
Reset maintenance interval
Warranty optional




Possbile faults that are identified as a result of the checks can be resolves/repaired by BAS following agreement on cost and timings.