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Lease contracts

Would you prefer to take out a lease contract to finance your van or light commercial vehicle? Most vehicles offered by BAS Vans are avviable on a leasing contract. BAS Vans has an in-house leasnig company that can arrange leasing contract quickly at very competitive prices. BAS Vans works with variosu external suppliers to to make sure we'll always be able to offer you a competitive proposal. The website displays certain vehicles with a monthly leasing rate, whilst others will require you to get in contact with our leasing experts to get a quote for a leasing contract.

Do you put an indicative monthly leasing rate on your website?

Yes, we do for the majority of vehicles. Once you contact our lease specialists, you can get a bespoke quote based on your personal preferences for contract duration, down payment and - if applicable - residual value.

Leasing rates on request?

Not all vehicles on our website show an indicate monthly leasing rate as some vehicles are subject to specific conditions. Please contact us for a leasing quote and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Leasing options

BAS Vans offers both financial and operational leasing solutions. Depending of the vehicle of your choice, you may be restricted to financial lease only. But what are the exact differences between these two types of leasing contract? Please feel free to ask for advice on the leasgin solutoin that fits your requirements and usage scenario best.

Financial lease

Operational lease

Investment tax benefit for Dutch companies?

Vehicle is not on the company balance

Leasing company takes economical risk

Fixed monthly fee

Option to buy vehicle


VAT paid by


Leasing company

Are you eligible for a leasing contract?

Any client that wants to apply for a leasing contract needs to be a company, registered with a chamber of commerce. Recently established companies will be referred to our partners for a leasing contract. Eligibility for a leasgin contract can be affected by outstanding payments / credits / loans with banks, other financial institutions or governments, bankruptcy or a poor credit rating.