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Closed box Light commercial vehicle

Closed box vans account for the majority of light commercial vehicles. Because of their universal design and large cargo space, they can be used for a large number of different transportation purposes. Because of to the closed construction, a large amount of cargo can be transported, protected against theft and weather conditions. Well known manufacturers are Mercedes, Iveco, Renault, Volkswagen, MAN and Ford. BAS Vans always has a wide range of closed commercial vehicles of different brands and construction years in stock.

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Manufacturers and options

Next to Mercedes and Renault, other brands like Peugeot, Citroën, Mitsubishi and Fiat are known for their commercial vehicles. Most delivery vans can be prepared with various kinds of options enabling easier or more efficient use. Among these options are air conditioning, navigation, rearview camera, parking sensors, automat, alloy wheels and sidebars. Besides, closed box vans can be equipped with a tailgate or side door.

What are closed box vans suitable for?

Closed box vans are very suitable for a large variety of transport purposes. The advantage of closed box vans is the protection of weather conditions and theft. The large cargo space enables you to transport indivisible goods like a piano. Lots of moving companies use light commercial vehicles because of this characteristic.


Closed box vans are available in multiple shapes and sizes. The height and width of the cargo space differs greatly. Manufacturers use the number of cubic meters for the capacity (m3). With closed box vans, this varies from 4m3 to 20m3.

How much does a closed box van cost?

The price of a closed box van depends on the milage and construction year of the vehicle. BAS Vans always has a wide range of different construction years and manufacturers. You can already buy a closed box van from BAS Vans for €10,000. The price of a new van is approximately €35,000.